Thursday, January 1, 2009

What Happened to the Button, You Ask? (Hospital Day 3)

I should really be telling this story on a Monday, so I can deny some of it, but maybe a little bit more than a week after the Mini One button was put in by Dr. H, I was sitting near Mallorie on the bed, and turned to her to pick her up, but accidentally kneeled onto the tubing (which was still attached to the button), and the button was pulled out of her tummy as I lifted her. I knew as soon as I heard the "pop" sound, what it was, because her Mickey button has been pulled out with the balloon attached at least 3 or 4 other times. Talk about a way to make you feel human. Forgetting to detach the dangling tubing before picking her up so this kind of thing can happen is so not a Mother Of The Year move (to borrow a phrase from Addison's mommy).

The only difference in this situation is that Mickey button balloons can be deflated, and put right back in. The Mini One is a little more complicated, and even though I tried ... on two different occasions ... to replace the button, I couldn't. I panicked and worried I was hurting her. Not that I had been told, by the way, that I was expected to replace the button, but John kept telling me that Dr. H told him to keep all the little gadgets that came with the button, in case it needed to be reinserted. So I thought that meant I needed to do it.

Mickey buttons aren't at all difficult to put in, and THANK GOD we had a replacement Mickey, so we were able to put that button in to buy us some time till Dr. H could replace the Mini One. That meant I could give her something for pain, because it hurts to have a tube or button yanked out of your belly through a tiny opening. By your mother.

But I've said before: I hate Mickey buttons. Almost immediately, Mal's skin around the button got irritated, and it wasn't long before I knew that we needed to schedule the replacement. So we know why God made pedisurgeons. Dr. H offered right away to work something in at our convenience, but we just didn't get to it yet. OK, it's actually because I keep procrastinating, because I want her tummy to be no longer sore before messing with it again .... even though I realize that any soreness at this point is because of the Mickey!

When Mallorie was admitted a couple of days ago, the other Dr. H, the pediatrician, talked it out with me and helped me realize that I SO much believe the other button is better for her, and so I need to just let it be done. Dr. H has even said he'd give Mal a bit of Versed before he does the button tomorrow, to keep her from being too anxious during the whole thing. I like that idea. I really don't want her having any memory of anything that she might associate with feeding or her tummy, to be flavored with anxiety. I know, we're talking about a baby, here. But still.

And I keep wondering if maybe Dr. H meant to say he'd give Mommy some Versed. Or Valium? Something with a V would be nice.

Oh, and her IV is out. See, I knew this should have waited and been done as a Not Me Monday post! She's getting all her meds through her g-button, now, and that tends me make me more sure we will be going home tomorrow. With the cool new g-button back in place. :)


Laurie in Ca. said...

Oh Connie,

I do love this little princess Mallorie. I am praying that you guys are home by now and back to normal life. You guys are "Mommy of the Year" in my book no matter what!!
God keeps you all "human" so that He can always ride "shotgun" with you.:)
You are blessed. And I love you so very much. Is it safe to wish you a "Happy New Year" now? It didn't feel appropriate to say with you there in the hospital.
God bless you big time in this year, 2009.

Love and Hugs my friend, Laurie

Laurie in Ca. said...

Oh, I forgot to tell you. The bunnies have arrived and I am going to try and get them out to Mallorie and Annabel today. They are so soft and cute.

Love, Laurie

connie said...

Laurie, I think it's always safe to wish "happy" anything. We are once again in a local hospital, where the care is superb, and extremely personalized. We have had a very, very happy start of 2009 here.

Our hope is for home sometime today. Gotta get that button first. And I can't wait to see the bunny! It can be her Epiphan present. Thank you so much. I love you.

Finding Normal said...

So the new button has to be replaced by a doc, or he's just going to show you how to do it? I am always nervous replacing the mic-key, and it couldn't be easier. The whole idea that I'm shoving something into her open stomach while she yells at me, the scramble for supplies even though I have them in a perfectly logical place and know exactly where it's all at, the shoving it in, the inflating. UGH.
Anyway, hope all is well and you're set for discharge ASAP. I really think we should have a free drip of Xanax or something at all times!
Happy New Year!

connie said...

The non-balloon version of the Mini One is supposed to be replaced by a doc. They do have a balloon version (which means it woudl incorporate all the best features of the Mickey and the Bard ... low profile (though looking not quite as low as the non-balloon, Mickey-tubing compatible, tube locks in like a Mickey) ... and also can be kept in the home for easy replacement. But the balloon buttons just don't last as long, as you probably know. The silicone plug buttons are just more durable. Plus replacement means photo opportunities for Mal and her hero. :)

I completely thought I'd be needing that Xanax drip earlier, but it was silly, in retrospect. It was such a calm event, when Versed was included.

boltefamily said...

Praying for that sweet girl! And for you!