Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bumbo Baby Seat, Revisited

When Mallorie was an infant, Cathy (Annabel's mom) brought by a Bumbo Seat for us to try with Mallorie, because she had 2. She said it helped position Annabel in an upright position, which therapists felt was better for her posture. What we had at the time was an infant "Papasan chair" (loved, loved, loved it, and thank you Vick and Katha), and a Tumbleform chair borrowed from ECI.

And pillows. On the couch. And we know what happened there!

We loved the Bumbo Seat, but within a couple of months, it became obvious that Mal was going to outgrow it, what with her generous bottom and fluffy thighs. Who are we kidding; she had practically outgrown it by the time Cathy brought it by, and still we kept squishing her thighs into the openings. I was so disappointed, because used with a Boppy pillow, it was a great seat for her.

Then, a mom I know told me that she had asked the company that made the Bumbo Seat to make a larger version for older children. The company has since allowed another company to do this, and even tells Jonathan's story on the website! I wanted to get the seat, but it's $199 ($149 with the "Jonathan discount") and I kept procrastinating, afraid of spending more money only to end up with a seat that Mal had outgrown by the time it arrived.

Shortly after Jonathan's mommy told me about the seat, I sent the link for the Childrite seat to several people, including Mallorie's speech therapist, and she surprised us by purchasing one of the seats for their therapy clinic, so I was able to try Mallorie out in the seat. It's got PLENTY of room for probably years of growth, and most importantly, goes up high enough on her back to give her the support she needs. We put towel rolls around her in front and sides, and she's in an upright (not reclining) position which allows her to practice holding her head erect. And even more importantly, she looks cute in it!

**(May, I wish I had a way to get one for Vera and send it to Singapore! I feel like Vera is going to be sitting up so soon, but this would be a nice upright seat, in the meantime.)


May said...

Thanks Connie you're like Vera's Occupational Therapist! Ok, don't worry, i'll be going to the states one of these days and go on a shopping spree!

Cathy said...

Thanks Connie for the information. I would love to see about getting Annabel one. I guess becca wouldn't mind if I went by to try one. I am so glad you changed rooms so now you can blog.

Laurie in Ca. said...

I just love these Bumbo Baby Seats. I was going to get one when I started watching Hannah this past summer but the girl had some serious "thunder thighs" and not the fluffy kind:) I am glad to have you back too and I hope you and Miss Mallorie will be headed home soon. I love you.


Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

I just love that picture of her! How are you all, home, healty, rested??? Miss you.