Friday, January 2, 2009

Done, and With a Good Dose of Happy Hour

The cool button is in, again. If you couldn't read between the lines of the last post, this "procedure" kind of stuff stresses me out. Well, for no reason at all, if there's Versed involved.

Mallorie acted like she thought she was swinging from the crib rails, and the button's in, and later on I'll update this post with a picture of Mallorie and her very photogenic hero, Dr. H.

Thank you to nurse Sharon, whose attention to all details of safety involved in conscious sedation, and to every other detail helped me stop wavering about the decision. I know, unbelievably, since I caanot stop singing the praises of this alternative to the hated MicKey.

And it just hit me last night, perusing the Mini One's website, that one button is a MicKey and the other is a Mini. That cannot be a coincidence, but you just gotta be a little quicker on the draw than I typically am, to catch that joke.


ANewKindOfPerfect said...

I'm glad the new and improved Mini is back in! I hope you and Mallorie go home soon. :)

Kenzie said...

I just saw yesterday that y'all were back in the hospital... oh my goodness! I love the humor as most ALL of us are able to relate to the mother of the year stuff. Girl, I love you guys and am praying like always, but now more specifically, for Mal.

Love you and welcome to 2009.
Love lots,

Cathy said...

Duh! I had to read this a couple times to figure out the joke.
I told you I am sooooo slow! I can't wait for next week hopefully to get Annabel's right size in. Yippee!
I am so lad that Mal is home. I know you are so glad.
By the way Annabel began to eat again yesterday!