Saturday, January 17, 2009

On the Launch Pad

That's a quote from Dr. B. I think she also said something about Mallorie being on autopilot. Did I mention Dr. B used to be in the Air Force?

She came in this morning to see Mallorie, and said her chest x-ray from yesterday was clear and we're waiting to see what her caffeine level was. It had gotten low ("3," I think?) and so we were having really frequent episodes of apnea a couple of nights ago. They gave her an extra "bump" of caffeine IV, and then Mal decided she really loves the night life! :) Gotta love a girl who needs her fix. (Her current dose is 220 mg twice daily. Isn't that a cup of coffee, at least??)

I have some really cute pictures to share, but no way to download them till we get home. I did manage to get these ones with my trusty old cell phone. Surprise, surprise.

From when she took out her own tube, silly girl.

Enjoying a light show from toy Becca (speech therapist) gave her. If you look at her forehead, you can see Ida's scalp IV is still there in this picture. Just makes me smile to see it there! You'd have to know how strongly Ida refuses to ever try scalp IV's! :0 Oh, and there's evidence of the haircut mommy gave her, too! No one is happy about that, least of all, Hannah. And Ida kept talking about Sampson, and losing his strength. But I wanted to be sure no one (IDA) was afraid to try a scalp IV. Hair always grows back. Even for Sampson.

Adorable bunny complete with g-button, sent to Mal from Laurie in CA, just in time for having it at the hospital and making everyone else jealous!


Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Sweet girl! Im addicted to caffeine too......Maybe its a girl thing.
Be homs soon Mallorie!

Laurie in Ca. said...

Hooray for clear chest xrays!! Just give me this little sweetie, I can help her with her "daily fix". I am addicted to coffee too and there is always a big pot on at the house. You don't have any idea how many times Corky has told me I just need to walk around with an IV bag of caffeine on a pole:) Wow, then I see the bag of up there and I just had to laugh, not about Mallorie but the thought of, oh you know what I mean. I hope you girls are outa there soon my friend. I just love her with the bunny. I found it because Jessica had talked about it on Alex's site and I fell in love. Got me one too and it sits on my desk here so I can think about all my special warriors all the time:) I love you and am praying you home. Give Mallorie a big kiss for me!

Love and Hugs, Laurie

The VW's said...

Hope you get home soon Mallorie! You are such a tough little girl and such an inspiration! Glad to hear that you are doing a little better! The things you have to do to get a caffeine fix!! Oh, by the way, you are adorable!

Cathy said...

Yea, Connies' blogging again. I am glad Mallorie is one the mend. I love the pictures.