Saturday, October 18, 2008

Every little thing is gonna be all right

I wanted to check some emails early this evening, and sat down for only maybe 5 minutes before I heard a THUNK, and heard Hannah cry, "Oh, no, oh no!" Mallorie had rolled off the couch, where she had been lying next to her sister.

Running through my mind was, do I have to take a shower to go to the ER (no, I haven't had one yet today, and no, I wouldn't have delayed medical care for it ... it's just what crossed my mind) and does she need a CT? I dont' know if I thought of calling the doctor or if my daughter did, but eventually I'm talking to the pediatrician and somehow managing not to be sobbing as I tell her Mallorie fell off the couch.

"What's she doing on the couch?"

OK, not the point. It's where we keep her most of the time, on pillows on the couch next to us. And I almost forgot; she was laughing. "STOP laughing! It's where we keep her."

"Well, maybe you better rethink that one."

OK, why are we going through all of this couch thing? I asked if she needs a CT (yeah, I go big-guns all the time), and she went through the "decision tree" with me. Things to watch for, what might be the reasons for the bleeding coming from her nose, to give her some Tylenol and not Motrin, etc. She said she wasn't surprised if she hit her face, with her being so top-heavy. That she would be most concerned about her not being able to move her head, or her limbs. I then heard her change it to not being able to move her upper extremities, because with Mallorie having spina bifida, she knows her legs don't move much. Put cold compresses on her nose, try to see where the bleeding is coming from (she just had surgery on her nose), etc. All common sense stuff that I cannot think of when I am holding my littlest one in a moment like this. All the things I need to hear her calming voice telling me. At least she had stopped laughing, too.

So, this is to Mallorie's pediatrician.

Thank you so much. I just panicked. I have this fear that comes up in moments like this, that I'm gonna do something wrong and all the healthiness in her will be gone. Thank you for calming me down (again).

Mallorie's on my lap, a little stoned. What other kid's mommy gives her Tylenol with Codeine, when the pediatrician says to give some Tylenol? I'm the good kind of mommy! We're listening to Bob Marley, "Three Little Birds" and she's beating her left arm (the one she doesn't move as much) and rocking her head to the beat.

I love you, Dr. B.

Woke up this morning,
Smiled at the rising sun,
Three little birds
Sat by my doorstep
Singin a sweet song,
A melody pure and true,
Singin, (this is my message to you-ou-ou:)

Singin: don't worry about a thing,
cause every little thing is gonna be all right.

As I finish this post, she's grinning now. And tapping BOTH arms and kicking BOTH legs to the music. And I almost forgot! She drank her entire bottle of milk while she was waiting on the Tylenol/codeine to kick in. Be sure and notice that I said drank, and not took it through a tube.


Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Way to go Mallorie! Oh how i wish Alex drank a bottle......
Im coming to your house for some codeine,and Bob Marely!!!!

Laurie said...

Oh Connie:)

Your little princess is tougher than you think and she is showing you too.
I know it could have been worse, but it wasn't and I am so glad. Isn't it crazy how our hearts start racing and we can think of the worst things when
these things happen? I still do it. I love that she was grooving to Bob Marley and having some kicked back time. I am glad you found the time too. We have to work at it at times, but it sure does fill the heart with peace and calm. I love you girl and give Mallorie a "high five" for me. Bless her heart for DRINKING her milk, wow, she is doing great!!!

Love and Big Hugs, Laurie in Ca.

Kenzie said...


Oh, that feeling knowing your child is hurt... hearing the fall... that sweet Mallorie is so tough and yet, I would be the same as you. Honestly, the other night I heard a HUGE thud. Yep, it was Deacon falling out of bed (for the second time ever)... picture me, on bedrest, sitting on the couch downstairs, FLYING up the stairs while saying a cuss word. Dusty looked at me like I was insane and then told me to calm down, he was fine. Yep, I fling the door open to scoop him up, but of course he's trying to come out to find us- sobbing- and I hit him in the head with the door. UGH... I just sat on the floor and held him. He was ready to go back to bed about 1 minute later and my heart was still racing 30 minutes after he went back down.

Long story to say, I understand... even with my almost-3-year-old the fear and protection sets in. I imagine it is MUCH worse in your shoes...

I love you and glad to know that "every little thing is gonna be alright!"

The VW's said...

Our son, Gavin, fell off the couch a few weeks ago as well. After reading your post, I'm beginning to think that I'm not such a good mommy! I ran to see if he was ok, but then I just got excited because he had actually moved enough to fall off the couch! Usually he stays put wherever he is left. So, instead of worrying, I got happy! Anyway, I probably should have been a little more concerned, right?! Poor Gavin!

I'm glad to hear she's doing so well! Great job Mallorie! You are such a cutie!

Finding Normal said...

I'm so glad you left a comment on my blog. I have had a few minutes to explore just the last few posts, and I swear we could be best friends. I'm right with you on trying to create a "normal" life for Addison while overlooking the obvious. I think she'd love that exersaucer, although I'm fairly certain her PT would hate it. We do have a high chair, but only because we still had one from her older brother, and it's very similar to the Graco you pictured, and Addison does well in it. But I waited a lot longer to even put her in it, just because she wasn't eating orally. She likes to sit in it and watch the kitchen action, although now that she does eat some, she gets mad if she doesn't get fed. Now I need to figure out what you're talking about when you say putting real food in the G tube. ??? I figure we're all making this up as we go along, and sometimes we just need someone to state the obvious.
Thanks for stopping by! :)

Anonymous said...

To all you mommies out there who think you are terrible when your kid falls off the sofa...DON'T!!! I think it is a right of passage for all of us. (myself included) Don't think I am cold and callous either please! Connie, you made me sound a little cavalier about Mallorie. I really am not, but freaking you out even more doesn't help anything. I figured she was ok because you stopped to call me. As for the Bob Marley thing...Ya Mon!!! Me and my Jamaican husband love that!!

Love, Dr B

jb said...

I understand your panic and fear, but I am so glad your 'little teapot' was okay. I agree with an earlier comment, she is showing you she is a strong one! Loved that she drank her whole bottle and also the Bob Marley! Love ya,

Kristin said...

I am glad that both you and Mallorie are doing ok.

Remember a happy mama makes for a happy baby. Sometimes we just need to take a moment and breathe. It does us all a lot of good. Also, don't be so hard on yourself. You are a GREAT mom!!! I think all of us mom's need to hear that every once in awhile!