Saturday, October 4, 2008

The bedding worthy of a princess

Some people have commented about the princess bed, and I realized I needed say that it isn't her bed. She sleeps in a boring old crib. The princess bed belongs to a friend, who was kind enough to share her bed (and sister's bed, and their entire room) when we were evacuated. You are right, Janet; pink is not my color. But apparently, it's Mallorie's. And she has been whining about having a princess crib ever since.


Kenzie said...


You definitely gave me pause when I saw here laying there... I thought, "there's no way she's in a big bed already!" since we just moved Deacon... but you know, she is such a sweet big girl and I thought... who knows... maybe!? : )

Love you guys!

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Well, you didnt fool me. I figured with tube feedings, and all the other fun things we get to do... Elevated mattress....ect, that couldnt be her bed.
Guess you will have to dec out her boring crib preincess style!
Poor Alex still lays his head on those ugly striped hospital blankets. (they are easy to change when he throws up)

Laurie said...

I think this little cutie is thinking ahead into her future and wanting some of this princess stuff for herself:) She IS a princess you know. I hope her healing is going miraculously (wow I spelled it right) and that she is comfortable as a pea in a pod. Pink isn't my color either but now that I have Hannah, I am getting used to it a little more. I am so proud of you Connie, making it through this last surgery and living to tell about it:) I know how concerned you were. God is so good, isn't He? I love you and am looking forward to the "after" pics when she is ready for the camera.

Love, Laurie in Ca.

jb said...

Your Little Teapot Princess certainly does look like she is a princess in pink! Yes, pink is a great color for Mallorie and you are just going to have to turn her crib into a pink princess bed! I absolutely love these two pictures with her smile and those twinkling eyes! Thank you for sharing again! Love ya,