Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hospital Day 2

We are still here. Mallorie is doing better, but we expect it will be a couple days till she will be discharged. Certainly not today or tomorrow.

I didn't sleep at all in the ER the first night (Monday night), and got just a few hours last night, and then went to work today, so I am beyond exhausted. I want to just make mention of my amazing Hannah (14), who is beyond wonderful as a daughter and as a sister. She is the one who decides whether or not Mallorie is dressed fashionably, and because she knows Mal loves a nice spa treatment, she will often give her a bath for us, "just because." Just because her baby sister enjoys the water so much, and because who doesn't love a baby who smells of the 1001 different brands of baby soaps that Hannah can find whenever she's out at her fave store, Target.

As a daughter, Hannah is extremely sensitive and compassionate, and such good company. She's who stayed with me in the ER, and also last night. The first night, there was only a chair to sit in next to the stretcher Mallorie was on, so I just stayed up, and Hannah curled up on the stretcher next to Mallorie, and was able to get in a little bit of sleep. Last night, Hannah insisted several times that I try to sleep, and she'd watch Mallorie until she went to sleep. But last night was like this night - the night the steroids kicked in. At least that's my theory. Mallorie spent from 8 pm till about 3 am just tossing her head back and forth frantically, and moaning, unable to calm down for more than a rare moment. I was so anxious about losing the IV, and the whining and moaning were loud enough, that I didn't even drop off till 11 pm, and I kept waking up. Once, I heard Hannah plead, very softly, please stop, please stop. Not with impatience; just the voice of sheer exhaustion and sadness. About 3 am, I felt able to take over, so Hannah curled up and I got the easier part of the night, because Mallorie would actually sleep for hour-long stretches, and was no longer really moaning. While I was at work today, and John and Jacob (8) stayed with Mallorie, Hannah took a nap at home to prepare her to help me again tonight. We're hoping the steroid business, or whatever it is, won't be such a deal tonight, so maybe both of us can sleep between feedings and such.

I think that along with the gift of every special baby, should be a daughter like Hannah. I don't mean to imply that all of our children aren't unbelievably helpful and smitten by their youngest sibling, but tonight I'm loving me a sweet girl named Hannah. Totally, you "special mommies" out there should ask about getting a Hannah.

Even if I had better than a cell phone camera with me, I don't have the ability to get it from the camera to the blog here at the hospital, but if I did, I'd put one right here.


May said...

thank God for mommy's little helper. I've heard about steroids working havoc on our kids. I think on a little boy named Zane too. Hope you can get some rest...yes sleep is the single biggest sacrifice of being a special baby mom!

Laurie in Ca. said...

I love you Connie and I agree with you whole heartedly that Hannah is the best in helping take care of Mallorie. She is such a special young lady who is following in her mothers footsteps. Praying for Mallorie to get better fast and for you to get some much needed rest. Take care my friend.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Cathy said...

I can testify about sweeet Hannah. She is so loving and patient. Thank you for always helping with Mallorie. You are a gift to your family.! Hoping Mallorie keeps progressing.
Happy New Year to your family.

Anonymous said...

I hope all is well and Mallorie is keeping you jumping.
Best of thoughts for you and your family

Anonymous said...

I miss Mallorie. I hope you know many think of her.