Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Happy Birthday, Tristan

Once upon a time there was a family who were eagerly expecting a baby boy, but partway through the pregnancy, they were told their boy might not be born alive, or if he was, he might not even take a breath. Or he might stop breathing very quickly. His parents were very frightened and sad, but they loved their unborn boy, and wanted him for as long as he would be with them. They planned for him, and loved him, and when he was born, he breathed! He breathed so well, he went home from the hospital to his family's home. He kept breathing, and every day the family celebrated his life and his breathing, knowing he might not always be with them. His crazy mommy took hundreds and thousands of pictures, and tried lots of clothes on him. His parents asked lots of questions of their baby's sweet doctor, and of anyone who might have ideas about how best to care for him.

The sweet boy lived 56 glorious days, and then one day God asked him to go to his forever home, in heaven. His family now eagerly waits for the day when they will live with their baby boy again.

Those who were blessed enough to get to know him, even from afar, miss him very much.

You can go to his blog if you want to read the beautiful story of Tristan H.

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