Tuesday, December 9, 2008

So we'll stay another day.

Good thing the people are so nice and we like it here and all, because we are not going home today.

Let's see. Scalp IV came out when someone (too late for a "Not Me Monday") was giving Mallorie a bath after she pooped all over my clothes and her own entire body. We won't talk about who was giving the said bath, and obviously was thinking we were going home today, anyway, and maybe wasn't careful enough about the site.

The requirements for discharge were no fever and acting better and "like herself." She got the last 2 parts, but keeps wanting to run fevers. I like this doctor, though, because he does what he feels most comfortable doing, and I have to agree with him, that full treatment now beats going home and maybe having a relapse.

So they will be restarting the IV in a few minutes. Please pray; you all know that starting an IV on this girl is a true test of the skill of medical types! But nurse Sharon is caring for her again, today, and she's already looked at Mallorie's forehead, and said in a very positive tone, "I see a good vein right here."

(Ida, I already told her you don't do scalp IV's and she's going to have to find someone else if she needs backup.) :)

And my long-term buddy, Dr. H (the pedi surgeon), might be able to change her g-button to a new and improved version ... today! So we have plenty of stuff right here to entertain ourselves. Cathy: he says it has the good features of the Bard buttons, plus the tubing locks in like the Mic-Keys! What more can a girl ask for? Plus, the entertaining personality of sweet Dr. H.

Ida and Sharon are here, looking all over for IV sites. Pray.

And I have help again.


Laurie in Ca. said...

Better safe than sorry for sure Connie. Praying for them to find the site for her IV. That little guy with her is a doll and seriously cute!! You sound so much more at peace although no one likes a hospital stay for their baby. Now if that new and improved version g-button comes in color, that would be great. Praying for Mallorie to return to a normal body temp. and stay that way for good. Home tomorrow is what I will be praying for. Love you guys.


Anonymous said...

She really is a lucky girl. To have sibling so devoted. And she must be recieving the best care. Mommy's can be known to be slightly tough when it comes to others handling our babies.....

Kenzie said...

Oh my goodness Connie!! I haven't been on the blogs for about 4 days now and then I see that y'all are in the hospital!! AHHH. I'm so sorry that I just found out now! I will certainly be praying for you guys, especially for Mallorie and that tendency to want to run a fever. Gosh, I don't know what to say.

Love you guys so much!!

Finding Normal said...

Hope all is well and you'll be heading home soon. Glad to hear you've received excellent care. And I'd like to hear more about that new g-tube...we have a mic-key.