Tuesday, December 9, 2008


As far as Mallorie's breathing goes, she is better today than yesterday. And so far, no fever this morning. The doctor said if she is more herself and fever-free today, there is a possibility of discussing discharge this afternoon.

Despite the lovely sleeping baby picture, there was not much sleep to be had last night, after all. I woke Mal at 1 a.m. for neosynephrine drops, and then she stayed awake, restlessly tossing her head and dropping it on her pillow, and moaning, making me concerned about losing her IV. It lasted just long enough for me to have requested the nurse call and ask the doctor about something to help her get some sleep ... which I regret, because I have always hated the idea of waking a doctor in the night for anything other than an emergency. Of course, before the answer was even received, Mal settled down, and was able to return to her crib and fall asleep at about 4 a.m. So we woke that poor doctor unnecessarily! Mallorie slept till about 6:30, when she needed to be seen by the doctor (same one we caused to be awakened, so fair's fair) and the drops again, and now she's tossing around, and babbling and sort of crying.

My vote is for HOME today sometime! At least there are more people there to take turns holding and soothing, and no IV sites to guard. I am so grateful to my family for the way they all help. Hannah held Mallorie and stroked her head till she fell asleep last night, watching to make sure Mal didn't dislodge her IV with all the head tossing. She's now crashed on the couch here in the room, and I hope she catches up for the sleep she missed holding her sister and afterward, trying to sleep in a chair. Matthew stayed here with me to help the night before, and Carley has been faithfully mixing up batches of milk each day (fresh plus frozen plus electrolyte additives) so I haven't even had to figure out the calculations or mess with the measurements or washing the bottles. And Jacob's just been being cute. We think he still thinks he's the baby of the family, sometimes. He's usually the one who gets Mallorie's blood pressure readings and records them morning and night, so we need to be home so he can get back to his routines!

Of course, John would be here if he could, but I wouldn't get any more sleep being home, anyway, if Mallorie was here and I was worrying about her. So he's managing the things at home and going to work each day, too.

So please pray for enough improvements for Mal to go home later today. I have a long day at work tomorrow, home visits that could not be rescheduled, so a good night of sleep at home for all would be wonderful! As wonderful as it has been here, we'll be SO happy at home, too!


Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

What a sweet picture. I hope you get home soon.
Thinking of you!!!

The VW's said...

Glad to hear that she is doing a little better! Hope you make it home soon and get some good rest! I'll be praying for your sweet girl!

Laurie in Ca. said...

Praying for Mallorie to continue improving today Connie. I am so glad to hear of all the help you have this time around. I am cheering you home and for today to be the day!! And tell all your kids that I think they are awesome brothers and sisters to Mallorie. Asking God for sweet rest for all.

Love and Hugs and Prayers, Laurie

Michelle said...

Hope you get home soon, home is so much better than hospital and don't fret about the docs, that's what they get paid for! Your baby girl needs her rest and you are doing as much as you can to see that she gets it!

Angie said...

i am praying for you, Connie! I pray that Mallorie will be able to fight this quickly and come home. I know that you have had your fill of hospitals for a life time, so the sooner the better!!


DESJ and Company said...

Praying for her to continue improving...hope you get home today!