Monday, February 9, 2009

Not-Me Monday! Feb 9, 2009

OK, ready again for a conscience-clearing Monday confession session, because I'm tired of shouldering guilt or embarrassment about this crazy stuff. Not Me! Monday! was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

After losing yet another weekend to a lovely hospital stay, I did not sleep as much of today away as I could (like 4 hrs?). Because Mallorie just got discharged yesterday, and our house is in need of months of nonstop cleaning days. Instead, I sat down and wrote out a neat little to-do list and started attacking the items on the list. You believe that, right? So read on....

It wasn't I who dreamed all night of cancelling the appointment with the Early Childhood dietician today, because I just couldn't stand to delve into the topic of feeding issues one more time.

I'm also not the one who was somewhat disappointed when Lewis did come, and weighed her, and I saw her weight was the same as it has been, despite all the recent vomiting adventures. Because I surely didn't think it was a minor accidental bonus that her weight seemed to be down a lb in the hospital on Saturday. I surely don't want her losing weight! (I don't!) And I also wouldn't wonder if she would be more comfortable just a tad bit less fluffy.

About three weeks ago, when the folks at our annoying medical supply company decided in their infinite wisdom, that Mini-One extension feeding tubes are exactly the same as Mic-Key feeding tubes, after we had already learned that the much bulkier Mini-One tubes are heavier and cause bleeding at Mal's g-tube site, AND that our syringes are not compatible with the ports of the Mini's tube, I did not panic. And then when I realized that we had no more Mic-Key tubes to use, I certainly wouldn't have thought of going to Ebay to look for tubes. I've never done Ebay without the assistance (and PayPal account) of friends, because that place scares the poop out of me. So I never actually asked Carley to set up a PayPal account so I could do searches for Mic-Key tubings. Or start bidding without reading all the instructions for buying on Ebay. So when I saw a "lot" of 3 Mic-Key tubings, and enterred my first-ever bid, only to find I'd been outbid, I never, ever typed in $1700 as my maximum bid, when I had meant to type in $17.00. I didn't call and wake Tamara up, .. Oh, I mean I didn't make John call and wake Tamara up so I could freak out all over her, as if she was the one who had encouraged me to be a big girl and open my own PayPal account for Ebay! No, she never did that, and none of those other things happened over here.
So since that happened, I never did have to wait out a long day at work, unable to check on the status of that particular Ebay auction, to see what the final damage was. And Dr. B didn't tell me to "take a breath," when I told her about this while I was still awaiting the "verdict!" Take a breath!?! Up to $1700 plus shipping for 3 feeding tubes???

I also did not take a shower this time, before going into the hospital with Mallorie on Saturday, because for ONCE, it did not feel as emergent as her other ER trips had been! Something would have felt wrong about that... "Emergency" Room visit plus Mommy-gets-to-take-a-shower-first-and-get-clean-clothes-on just feel like they don't go together, except it is SO tiring to always race in there with hair standing on end and vomit all over your clothes, and baby poop.

Goodness, I didn't get nervous about people wondering why I would have poop on my clothes, so I didn't feel the need to go back and add to the previous sentence, baby poop!

And I am not feeling a little guilty, still, for never adding the extra pictures that I've promised in the past, that I'm going to put them here:

The photogenic Dr. H, who gave Mallorie her new g-button while she was hospitalized. THIS one actually taken in 2nd hospitalization in Dec, and the button was placed after Mommy accidentally popped the first one out by kneeling on her dangling tubing while picking her up. Ick! Umm, I mean it wasn't me who did that! Was someone else, altogether.

Girlfriends getting upgrades on their buttons, same day, same wonderful Dr. H.

Aww, there are too many, now that I have started, so more later on. I promise. I think.