Friday, February 12, 2010

In the hospital at 3 years old

Mallorie is at one of the big children's hospitals in Houston. She tested postive for flu. Not confirmed yet, because only 1 of the 3 flu tests done was positive, but it's a possibility.

What she does not seem to have, but had yesterday, or at least was being considered for:

A fever above 107 degrees. She was hovering between 101 and 102 when we first got in her room this morning, and got tylenol for that.

Seizures, right now. And she's not on any seizure meds, although she definitely had a couple of types of seizures yesterday in the ER at home. But there was that whole 107 temperature thing going on. She is having an EEG done soon (the leads are being put on right now) to make sure there aren't any seizures that you just can't see, but definitely the visible seizures are gone, and without any more seizure meds to cloud the picture.

A shunt problem, by any of the testing done so far. She had hydrocephalus even before birth, and several months after she was born, she had a tube placed into an area inside her brain to drain excess fluid from around her brain down to her belly, where it can be absorbed easily. The neurosurgeons were able to take some fluid out of the shunt (sparing her a needle into her spine) and sent it to the lab for testing, and so that is still pending. But from what they saw on the testing done so far, it doesn't look like the shunt was a problem.

An abnormal heart rhythm. Yesterday in the ER, there was talk about a fast rhythm called SVT, but her heartrate is in a more normal range now.

What she does have:

An beautiful IV in her right arm, found via ultrasound by Bob, IV Guy in Beaumont. And now a 2nd one just put in behind her right knee by Tony, IV Guy out here. No one has even let me cut a lock of her hair off, because they aren't all that interested in her scalp veins. And blood for another blood culture has been drawn from the same spot.

A tube in her throat and a machine to breathe for her. Which is something I thank God for, and wish the whole world had the same access to superb medical care that we have in this country. They are seeing how she does adjusting to different vent settings, to see if they might be able to take out the tube today.

Her feeding tube, so she will be able to easily be fed at some point if they don't decide to go ahead and take her breathing tube out. If they are considering taking her tube out, then they will hold off on feedings, because it's safer to deal with that if the belly is not full. But I love her "g-tube." It's been a blessing so many times since they first put it in.

Breast milk in the freezer at home from some generous, loving, angels. John will go back home and return with some tomorrow, but if she needs some to start feedings today, we'll figure out something. Her nurse just turned down her sedation med, because they are doing some trials with her vent settings, to see if they can wean her off the vent today. She just had a period of apnea and isn't taking big breaths, so I am not sure today will be the day.

Please pray for her to recover quickly from this illness, and to bounce right back to being her same, loving, joyful 3 year old self. Her birthday was the 6th. She has a thing with hospitalizations on or just after her birthdays. The little snot. We love her so much, and I miss cuddling her. And kissing her sweet mouth. And having our family together.


Laurie in Ca. said...

I am so sorry to read that Mallorie is in the hospital Connie. I am praying for a speedy recovery and for her to be back home with you and the family. Praying for you too sweet friend. How is that going?

Love and Hugs, Laurie

poolja said...


I so sorry to here Mallorie is in the hospital again. I hope and pray she is feeling better soon!


The VW's said...

PRAYING! PRAYING! PRAYING! Get home soon Mallorie and Happy Birthday sweet girl!

And, I agree, Thank God for the care that we can receive, living in this country!

Hope that you are doing well Connie! Love, Hugs and Prayers!!!

Finding Normal said...

Praying for Mallorie and all of you! Big hugs! And I can't believe both of our girls are 3. How did THAT happen???

May said...

She is such a fighter your little snot. Give her a big hug from me and Vera. Happy belated birthday to an amazing little girl!

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

It seems February is your month for the hospital.....Get out of there Mallorie!! Get rest Momma!

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Happy belated birthday Mallorie! I hope you kick this bug soon and get back to feeling normal.

You are right momma .... while it is hard to see our kids in the midst of things like this, it sure does make you thankful! Some kids don't have access to vents and intubation kits and iv's. We are truly lucky!

Cathy said...

So glad that things are more stable than last night. I can't believe I never said Happy Birthday, but hey, I can't even tell you the date. It all runs together. Praying for you Connie. I will pray that this stress will not affect your health. Hoping that turning down the vent soon will work and she will be free of it and breathing on her own.

jb said...

Prayers for Mallorie and all of you. I hope things stabilize soon and that they can get Ms. Mal on the road to recovery.

I agree about the wonderful health care and am happy that you are such a strong advocate for your sweet little teapot.

Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers. Love ya.