Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Our little Picasso

Vital Stim

iPod You Can't Stop the Beat (Hairspray)

Outside with Hannah

New Becca sensory room

I love daddy

Love my hand, too

For Arthur C.

Hammock joy

Sorry. We've had some sickness and some more serious health concerns in our home, so haven't been thinking of any blog in awhile. Do these make up a little bit for the absence?

Constipation woes are gone. It's either extremely well managed with our new poopy program (hate "bowel program") of cod liver oil plus Baby Calm (magnesium & vitamin C) plus Activia . . . or it's another GI virus. (Man, will I be upset if it's only a virus.) The program is working SO well that we have discontinued all Lactulose, and none of us can remember the last time we gave a 3 am enema! They had been nightly, until we brought her in to see the lovely Dr. B, who read me the riot act about how my pig-headedness about chemicals was hurting Mallorie. Well, my interpretation.

Cloth diapering is a bit harder when there's poop with every diaper, though. :) Do you really think you hear me complaining? I assure you, I'm NOT! Cloth is way easier than anyone led me to believe, as long as you have a washer, and an extra load a day beats giving enemas, hands-down! And we don't have stinky trashbags full of poopy disposables to take out all the time. This was one well-kept secret, I tell you.


ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Finally an update! I hope the constipation is gone for good.

The picture of her smiling with the black background is beautiful!!

Finding Normal said...

I was just wondering about you guys the other day!!!
Love the update.
Look how big she's gotten! Great pics! :)

Cathy said...

Thank you so much for the pictures! Who is the one flying so high? Glad constipation is under control. I am praying it is the new concoction of activia and such. Praying for you, sista!

May said...

Yes the pictures do make up for it...was thinking "how's mallorie?" like everyday okay. glad the cloud has lifted on the illnesses.

Mal's grown. And her cleft has healed so beautifully. Can you share more about Vitastim? what is the expected results? how did Mal take to it? It has been brought up as an option for Vera as well so wanna learn more.