Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rhyder Anderson

Cathy has "introduced" me to Rhyder's parents, who are so sweet and so much in love with their baby boy. He is now in the hospital, and they say the plan is to stabilize him on caffeine to control the apnea, and then he can go home again.

Please pray for Rhyder, that his apnea will quickly be controlled through the caffeine, and that all his other body systems will work well.

And for Michele and Dave, who did not get very much sleep last night. May they receive all the support, equipment, encouragement, hope, and excellent medical care they need to bring Rhyder safely home. And some restful sleep, too! :)

I know we all look forward to learning more about Rhyder's life, so I was glad to learn today that his parents have started a blog for him. It's at They are also on Facebook, but I have tried, and can't figure that thing out. Maybe those of you on facebook will know more sooner than the rest of us, and can fill us in?


Cathy said...

Connie, thank you so much for being so helpful to them last night. You know caffine is not an area I know about, but you were such a servant to take your wee hours of the morning to share your information and experience with them. They are a very sweet family. Also, for alerting me to his blog. When I was at their home I strongly encouraged them for our sakes (readers) to begin a blog. I have put an update on Annabel's blog after talking with her this morning. Will keep you update if I hear something first. Again thank you for blessing them in their time of need.

Anonymous said...

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