Monday, November 17, 2008

Not Me Monday!

This afternoon, in the middle of Mallorie's speech therapy, I did not notice that her fingernails had a week's worth of extra length,

then look at my own nails, and THEN realize that Jacob was at that very moment sitting in a class at the all-day homeschool co-op, with nails that looked like this:

I did not then make a mental note (which will be forgotten, as it was not a
written note) that I MUST clip 59 nails tonight! Because we are going to see the illustrious Dr. B tomorrow. And of course she has never told me that dirt on faces she can overlook, and messy hair she can overlook, but the one thing she cannot stand to see is untrimmed, dirty nails on children.

And, of course, I do NOT actually concern myself what she thinks.

And it did not occur to me that it might be a little odd, for me to actually care about things like this, after all these years of parenting.

Good thing none of this is actually true. Right?

And I am also not still using my cell phone to put pictures on here because I haven't the time patience ability to use a real camera and download the pictures like real blog owners do.

And I do not still have to go here every Monday, in order to figure out how to participate in this therapy.

And I did not smile writing "59 nails," knowing most people reading this will not understand. :)


ChelleyD said...

My Lillian's nails are forever dirty and not very long, no matter how much I scrub in the tub I can't get them clean...fingers and toes...

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

we are so much alike:)

Cathy said...

This "not me" Monday really test my comprehension problem. I have to read and then read again. Also you cell sure takes great pictures. I haven't figure out how to transfer mine. Where oh where is my Dr. B???? We have been sick and could use her!!! You know I am just jealous, right?

connie said...

Cathy, you could come sneak in with me today, and catch a peek of the elusive goddess of all things pediatric. I would enjoy the company! And the chance to mess with her head in stereo. :)

Anonymous said...

I understand.

Hubby and me. He held the flash light, on many-a-night, 40 little nails clipped, for years. Sigh.

Not such a bad memory. Gets nicer over time.

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Too funny, because I was just realizing how nasty my son's nails are. Could the boy ever scrub them himself? LOL

And my Peanut hates when she gets her nails clipped, so I still have to sneak in and do it after she's asleep. :)

Laurie said...

Oh yeah, fingernails. I love these little fingers of all sizes!! I was wrestling with my grandson on Monday and I got his fingernail right in my eye. It's red, (my eye) and I have antibiotic drops to clear it up. Will we wrestle again? Bet your bootie!! I'll just do it with my eyes closed. I love you girl and am praying you are doing great.

Laurie in Ca.