Monday, November 10, 2008

Not Me Monday!!

I love McMama's blog, and her, for coming up with this Monday morning therapy.

Let's see. I did not panic after publishing last week's Not Me Monday post, and eventually remove the "disclaimer" that had been at the bottom of the post before too many people read how my mind can wander if I'm sleep-deprived.

I did NOT fall asleep for 3 hrs on Sunday, after returning from the "retreat" I got to do this weekend. I mean, retreats mean rest, and hours and hours of refreshing sleep. So I returned well-rested.

I did not forget to pack PJ's for the retreat, and then just before leaving on Thursday evening, grab my oldest pair of torn-up sweat pants and t-shirt, and then feel so relieved on the last morning that I had woken up early enough to have showered before it was "time" to rise. Because wet hair does not beat tattered "PJ's" on any day on retreats.

I did not laugh out loud this evening, when I re-read the "Retreat" post from Thursday and saw this: But you know I occasionally seem to worry, anyway, .... And I cannot hear anyone who knows me in real life, reading that and gasping, "Really?? You??"

I was not at all an anxious freak about going away this weekend, nor did I have flashbacks about that NYC "Wilderness Experience" I did years and years ago in college, during which Nancy Mean dropped our class on 42nd street (not The New 42, the Old 42nd Street, the "Deuce") and told us to spend 2 hrs "sightseeing," and then find our way by subway to our next destination. At night. Or remember getting dropped off in the middle of the woods to stay for 24 hrs with only water, pencil and paper, sleeping bag, .... and no toilet paper. So I never associated the secrecy of all of this event with those experiences. And I do not wonder, after all these years, why I was the one always pretending to be unafraid on those wilderness experiences, because I was by far the bravest retreatant to attend this weekend. Untold numbers of people were blown away by my courage, wild dancing, singing, and generally loose fun-loving personality!

Because I had no anxieties about the unknown elements of the retreat I was to be going on, I did not just a few days before I went, bully/annoy/nag/cajole my friend whose name I cannot mention here, or my daughter (again, not mentioning names and she's NOT a blog contributor) to give me just enough details to calm me down. I would never have done that because they were sworn to silence, and I have no fear of letting go, .... not me!

And I am not feeling that words would be inadequate to express the gratitude I feel to so many new sisters for welcoming me into their hearts and lives, and to some of them for expressing surprise and disappointment (in a totally complementary and laughable way) when they found out somewhere at the end of the retreat that I was not Catholic (because it was a Catholic retreat). I didn't chuckle when they told me that they think I'd make "an awesome Catholic." I felt totally loved. Ooops. I meant to say, I didn't feel at all loved, not at all. And I didn't have the best time I've had in several years. Nope, not me!

And Becca, Mallorie's speech therapist, didn't seriously dance and squeal this morning when I told her that Dr. B doesn't mind us feeding Mal without a swallow study.


Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Im so glad you got rest!!!!! Yey, for rest!!!!!!!!!

Love you!

Finding Normal said...

HOORAY for a wonderful retreat. As for the Catholic thing--go for it. ;)

Cathy said...

Oh, I can't tell you how relieved I was that you weren't mad at me for encouraging you to go. And all the questions I couldn't answer I knew were going to make it such an awesome retreat. Yes, and I knew that you would bless so many other women there because you have totally blessed me more than words can describe! It is such a shame we are not required to make this retreat once a year, right???? Love you,

Anonymous said...

Thank You for the Experience and Pleasure of working with your Miracle. I am so greatful to be blessed by all these Miracles daily. I love my Mal. I am so happy to see you are restored in rest, Hope and the future. Yea! my dear friend. Love you.


Noah's Mommy said...

love the not me part about the you were able to go the whole time without the Catholic thing coming up until the end...amazing....but I am glad you didn't feel the love at all...who would want that really????....and thank you for your concern about my little situation....everything should be a-ok....its these types of things...that create character....

Anonymous said...

I've done those Catholic retreats - wonderful and near-sleepless. lol.

Laurie said...

I am so glad to hear that you felt all the love over the weekend and that it was the best time you have had in a long time. I pray that your cup was filled to overflowing and you have a refreshed spirit. We all need this from time to time don't we? And I love the way the Lord reaches into hearts beyond the religion, don't you? I love you girl. Have a most wonderful weekend.

Love, Laurie in Ca.