Thursday, September 18, 2008

Our very first post...

This is Carley, Mallorie's big sister. We just set up a blog for her, but we aren't going to really get going yet. Soon!


Chrissy said...

I'm ready! I'm ready! And I'll be waiting!!! On the edge of my seat! Can't wait!!! WAHOO! Bout time! Love you all!

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Can you hear me screaming from here!!!!!!!!!
im so excited to see you here in blog land!!!!!!!!
Welcome to therapy. My name is Jessica Pruitt and I blog.

Laurie said...

I am so ready for this too. Woo Hoo.
This is so neat and we can really keep up with precious Mallorie. This will be such a place of encouragement and blessings to others. You guys already bless me big time in email-land:) I love you guys and am praying for Mallorie's up coming surgery. And Hey, it looks like you woke up Chrissy up there:) I think she is MIA!

Love and Blessings, Laurie in Ca.

Laurie said...


Connie, now you know you can trust me and I have proven it to you!!!:)

Love you girl, Laurie in Ca.

Cathy said...

Look what happens when a Hurricane uproots Connie! She starts a blog. We will all be blessed by this, thank you, thank you, oh did I say thank you! You know there are so many prayers being offered up for precious Mallorie.

Tamara said...

I'm so happy you decided to let us into your world with Mal. It provides so many with strength to face the coming challenges. I know that with each fight you fight and with each challenge you face and overcome, you become stronger, and through you, also me. Thanks for that. Looking forward to getting more info about Mallorie.

jb said...

Thank you so much for the update on Mal's upcoming surgery. I am confident that our Lord will watch over her and all of you through this. I pray for all that you asked for in your update, as well as continued strength for her and all of you. I am faithful He will guide you through this, wrap His wondrous arms around all of you and keep you safe. I am thrilled you can request your preferred anesthesiologist and I am certain she will be there to do her job the way that has allowed you to trust her. I will pray for a quick recovery and that there will be little pain to manage.

I have never commented or "blogged" but I guess there is a first time for everything! If you can share all of this with me and others, I can share too! After all, one thing we have in common, wherever we are is our love and care for you and your family.It doesn't matter that is doesn't seem eloquent, it matters that you know I love you, will pray for you and keep you all very close to my heart. I love you all!