Friday, September 26, 2008

home, safe and sound

We are home. Mallorie's surgery went so well, and she is recovering equally well. As predicted by the plastic surgeon, because the repair wasn't as extensive as the others she has had, her pain is much more easily managed with just Tylenol with codeine.

All kids should have g-buttons. I'm just barely kidding - Mallorie had advanced past Pedialyte and was back to receiving milk through her tube in just hours, ... without problems you'd expect if she needed to be fed by mouth, such as mouth pain, nausea, and sedation. Good nutrition is so important for healing after surgery, and without even waking or moving her, I was able to feed her through the day and night, and give her meds, as well, through the tube. If I ever needed a reason to feel better about the long-ago decision on the tube (I didn't) ... this was it.

So many things fell into place yesterday, and it was so clear to me that God's hand was on Mallorie. I cannot express the comfort I felt at being able to place her into Dr. B's arms (the anesthesiologist we had requested). She was the anesthesiologist for Mallorie's surgery in February, and knew her, and the history. She looked at me after accepting her, and said, "I have a very important responsibility." Probably no one knew as well as she did, how difficult that moment was, and I knew she took it seriously.

Her surgeon and residents did their typically excellent work and were patient with all the, "Oh, by the way" calls the nurses had to give them. Sometime I guess I should have written all that stuff down for them!

Mallorie had, as usual, excellent nursing care, and we had a chance to catch up with nurses from previous hospitalizations, including sweet Conchita, who has in the past done everything from working on quick scalp IV's to picking me up breakfast on her way in to work.

Sorry it has taken me this long to post, but I fell asleep on the way home, and then went right to bed and crashed for a few hrs! Not enough sleep the past few nights.

Thank you all for praying for her and for us this time. Carley was able to read me the comments, and I got your texts and am just getting to the emails. It was such a comfort to know you were all there.

And thank you to Cathy for updating for us while we were gone!


Laurie said...

Oh I just love this great news. Yay Mallorie!!! I am thankful you are back home and resting up, knowing this is behind you now. I can only imagine how relieved you and John are.:) God is so good and I am praying Mallorie bounces right back to her sweet self really soon. I can sleep like a baby tonight knowing all is well. I love you guys.

Laurie in Ca.

PS. Yes Cathy, you were great to keep us updated. Love you too.

Cathy said...

Prayers of thanksgiving offered up tonight for Mallorie Rose! (I love that name) God is so good, and Mallorie is home within a reasonable time period.

Gotz Family said...

I came across your site from the Stanfield site. It caught my interest because both of my boys were born with Complete Bi Lateral Cleft Lip & Palate. My youngest just had his palate repair three weeks ago. You can check out my blog and go back prior to April and see pictures of the youngest with his unrepaired lip. Do you belong to any of the online support groups for Cleft?

boltefamily said...

Praising God and praying for a continued speedy recovery! Sending love and prayers your way!


Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

I am so glad you are home! I have had that very thought, all kids should have g-tubes! It really has its benefits!

Angie said...

Thank you, Jesus!!! So glad to hear how beautifully this surgery went. Now I will pray for speedy and complete healing!

Love, Angie

Laurie said...

Hi Sweetie,

I am praying that Mallorie is continuing to heal beautifully and comfortably. Aren't you relieved that this one is over now? I sure am for you and I hope that you are catching up on lots of much needed rest and peace. I love you girl and look forward to hearing how our little sweetie is doing. Bless her heart and yours too.

Love and Hugs, Laurie in Ca.

May said...

Hi Connie,

Thanks for your in-depth email about g-tubes. I just had to come see this little girl and she has the brightest eyes in the world! Glad the surgery went well for such an important surgery for her. Vera's has a cleft too...hopefully her surgery when the time comes will be just as smooth.